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The choice of "Finger Surround Cut" reinforces this technical excellence. The innovative cut ensures a perfect fit around the fingers, maximizing the contact area with the ball. Combined with the exceptional flexibility of the functional neoprene used in the glove's body, this feature offers unprecedented agility and comfort. Goalkeepers can thus fully focus on their game, knowing that their equipment will respond to all demands.

The body of the glove, made of functional neoprene, offers better flexibility, naturally adapting to the movements of the hands. This ergonomic design allows optimal ball control and instant responsiveness in critical situations. The outstanding comfort of the glove is accentuated by the "DUAL FIX SYSTEM," an innovative closure system that ensures a secure fit and maximum wrist flexibility. This closure not only provides a precise fit but also ensures increased stability during agile movements on the field.

The advanced features of the glove include the "REBOUND ZONE," a technology that offers maximum flexibility and excellent clearance for punches. This zone allows goalkeepers to make powerful and precise clearances, enhancing their defensive game. Furthermore, the thumb wrap ensures a perfect fit, eliminating unnecessary distractions and allowing goalkeepers to focus on the action.


  • Cut : Finger Surround
  • Finger Protection : without Finger Protection
  • Level : Advanced, Professional
  • Terrain : Synthetic turf/Hard ground, Turf
  • Weather conditions : All-weather

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