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The ultimate goalkeeper gloves, designed with unparalleled expertise, incorporate cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional performance on the field. The patented “ABSOLUTGRIP” foam redefines standards for cushioning, ensuring optimal hand protection while providing outstanding grip in all weather conditions. Whether on a dry summer field or in wet and slippery conditions, these gloves guarantee a secure grip with every dive.

The revolutionary “Fingersurround” system combines functional neoprene, ensuring maximum flexibility, with exceptional wearing comfort. Goalkeepers will benefit from unprecedented freedom of movement, allowing for spectacular saves and optimal responsiveness to opposing shots. The combination of flexibility and comfort reaches its peak with the “DUAL FIX SYSTEM,” an innovative closure system that ensures secure fixation while preserving maximum wrist flexibility.

The “REBOUND ZONE” represents a major breakthrough in goalkeeper glove design, offering exceptional flexibility for precise punch clearances. Goalkeepers can launch the ball with power and precision, gaining a crucial strategic advantage for the rapid transition between defense and attack. Additionally, thumb wrapping ensures a perfect fit, reinforcing the connection between the goalkeeper and their gloves for unwavering confidence with every save.


  • Collection : Powerline
  • Foam (Grip) : Absolutgrip
  • Surround Finger Cup
  • Level : Starter, Advanced, Professional
  • Weather conditions : All weather

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