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Designed with an innovative approach to counter the negative influence of adverse weather conditions, these gloves feature a breathable, comfortable textile material, ensuring optimum comfort throughout use. The combination of these features ensures that hands remain comfortable, even in demanding situations.

The gloves' closure is provided by a wraparound latex strap, combined with a full bandage, offering secure wrist fastening. This careful design ensures not only exceptional grip in the hand, but also enhanced stability in the wrist, boosting user confidence in all situations.

The innovative features of these gloves don't stop there. The strategically placed, embossed REBOUND ZONE offers exceptional flexibility and optimum fist clearance. This enables maximum range of movement, essential for top-level sporting or professional performance. When you invest in these gloves, you choose excellence, even in the pouring rain.


  • Cut : Half Negative
  • Level : Starter, Advanced, Professional
  • Terrain : Gazon
  • Weather conditions : Wet

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