Tips for making new football boots more comfortable

To increase the comfort and flexibility of your new football boots, it’s vital to make them supple before you put them on. Find out how to make your boots softer and more comfortable to wear. When you buy a new pair of football boots, it’s only natural to want to put them on straight away. […]

What is Nike Anti-Clog technology ?

Football, an outdoor sport, withstands all weather conditions and is often played on difficult pitches. To overcome the challenges posed by the muddiest surfaces, in 2016 Nike created the revolutionary Anti-Clog technology, designed to eliminate the mud that accumulates under footwear. Nike, a leading name in sports equipment, is constantly striving for innovation and excellence, […]

How to care for your goalkeeper gloves ?

We often write about how to care for goalkeeper gloves, but how do you actually clean and look after these valuable pieces of equipment? AVOID THE WASHING MACHINE AND TUMBLE DRYER The most important thing to remember is to avoid washing your gloves in the washing machine at all costs, a mistake that many goalkeepers […]

Which studs should you choose for your football boots ?

If you’re feeling lost when faced with the multitude of cleat options offered by the different brands on the market, and if terms such as HG, FG, SG, Anti-Clog leave you confused, don’t worry, because Absolute Teamsport is here to help you with this exhaustive guide to making the best choice of cleats for your […]

How to choose the right size football shoes

Finding the perfect size football boot can be more of a challenge than you might think. To make it easier, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide. If the idea of finally acquiring the pair of football boots you’ve been dreaming of appeals to you, there may be some doubt as to the ideal size. The […]