What is Nike Anti-Clog technology ?

Football, an outdoor sport, withstands all weather conditions and is often played on difficult pitches. To overcome the challenges posed by the muddiest surfaces, in 2016 Nike created the revolutionary Anti-Clog technology, designed to eliminate the mud that accumulates under footwear.

Nike, a leading name in sports equipment, is constantly striving for innovation and excellence, with the main aim of continually improving the performance of its products. With this in mind, the American giant has turned its attention to one of football’s major problems: mud. Max Blau, vice president of Nike Football Footwear, said in 2016, “Mud has always been an obstacle for footballers, slowing them down and altering their grip by making them heavy and cautious.” However, Nike, determined to ensure a fast game whatever the conditions, made a commitment to solve this problem.

And so the revolutionary Anti-Clog technology was born.


Anti-Clog technology involves an innovative treatment of the sole. The principle is simple: to prevent mud from clogging the soles of football boots. After a great deal of research and inconclusive prototypes, Nike realised that it was no longer a question of repelling water, but of using it to its advantage.
Jeremy Walker, a PhD student involved in the project, explains that “understanding the molecular structure of mud was essential to developing a hydrophilic solution, capable of preventing mud from clogging the sole.”

In practical terms, the water acts as a barrier between the shoe and the ground, preventing the mud from sticking to the underside of the shoe. So before each use, it’s important to moisten the sole to activate this technology.


In the past, Nike football boots with anti-clog technology were easily recognisable by the black colour of their soles, regardless of the colour of the rest of the boot. Although this distinctive sign is no longer valid, it was used to identify Anti-Clog models prior to 2019. In addition, the soles carry the technology logo on the front and are sold at a price €10 higher than ‘classic’ models.


After a relatively successful first version, despite weighing the shoe down considerably, Nike worked on a second, equally effective but much lighter version of the Anti-Clog technology. This has become an undeniable asset for players on natural pitches, for a number of reasons. Firstly, the absence of mud under the shoe makes the pair lighter.

What’s more, the sole remains unobstructed, allowing the studs to penetrate the ground better and giving players optimum grip. Finally, Anti-Clog technology makes the shoes easier to clean, which is particularly appreciated by players who are less inclined to take care of this task.

Building on the success of this innovation, Nike has continued to perfect the technology. Today, it is used in the brand’s Academy range of shoes and has been adapted to the Mercurial’s specific two-piece sole.